Warts & Moles

For many people, warts, moles, cysts and other parts of the body that seem to just appear on their own can be concerning. Not only can they elevate in your mind the risk of things like skin cancer, but they can be rather unsightly to look at.
Thankfully, the vast majority of instruments that appear on our body throughout our lives aren’t dangerous in any capacity. With the help of our experts at Dr. Shalhub M.D, you can have a thorough review carried out of your warts & moles and decide if removing them is the right plan of action for what you want to do.
We can provide a series of different treatments to deal with warts & moles regardless of their style or condition, and we make sure that you can feel confident and happy in the way that your body looks once again rather than constantly covering up sections!

warts and moles before and after


We give you various choices you can take to make your skin look beautiful.

Why Should I Remove A Wart or Mole?

Removing a wart or a mole is usually down to the risk of it becoming an illness in the future such as skin cancer. However, the majority of warts and moles are removed on the basis that they are fairly horrible to look at in the long-term.
If you feel like removing the warts and moles that adorn your body currently, we can give you a detailed and helpful solution to removing them for good and giving your body the comfort and confidence that you need.
Our treatment programs usually vary depending on the style of the wart or mole, but the reasons are usually purely cosmetic. We offer treatment services for anyone who believes their warts or moles may be more sinister, so if you would like to book an appointment for having your skin checked for anything potentially dangerous, or anything that has changed/evolved, Contact HERE.


How can we help you?

One of the most important aspects of being able to deal with these kind of conditions is having the technology available. At Dr. Shalhub M.D, we have everything that you need to deal with a mole or wart whether it’s with a cryo treatment or through radio treatment. The decision rests entirely with you, as we will work to the solution that you find most comfortable with.

In some situations, though, there might be only one choice to deal with the problem – if you wish to remove the wart or mole and have just one option to do so, we recommend taking it.