Otherwise known as striae, these skin scarring’s associated with things like obesity, weight gain, puberty and pregnancy. They can be unsightly to look at and tend to last for many years without any treatment, and sometimes can be permanent to stay. Whilst some people can deal with stretchmarks fine, others feel like they are an eyesore and should be dealt with as soon as they possibly can be.

At Dr. Shalhub M.D, we provide long-term treatment plans that can permanently remove any damage through your life to your body. This can remove the large Scars and stretchmarks and give you more confidence in your body and how you look. The connective fibers in your skin can become frayed and damaged, leaving a long-term problem that has to be corrected in the overall composition of your back and your skin.

retchmarks before and after


Dr. Shalhub M.D is an expert in laser, surgical and non surgical methods. We  help you gain great looking skin!

Why Should I Remove Scars/Stretchmarks?

The reason is usually going to be entirely cosmetic – they pose no real long-term health risk and they aren’t something that you should really consider thinking about. Scars & Strechmarks are typically something that you don’t need to worry about from a health point of view, but they can become quite obvious to anyone who sees the marks as they tend to blend in very poorly with the rest of your skin.
By the fibers in your skin being damaged, you can be left with a lack of collagen in your skin and this will only become more prominent as the years go on, so seriously considering going for stretchmarks treatment can be most beneficial.

How can we help you?

At Dr. Shalhub M.D, we provide a series of high-end treatments that work to boost the collagen production in your stretchmarks. This means that over time they can be removed naturally, leaving no trace that there was ever any kind of damage to the specific area. Additionally, we can use laser heating treatments that work directly on the area.

By heating up the skin on the layers below, the dermis, the production of collagen comes more naturally to the area which offers a simple and effective treatment that’s easy to go through and requires only a few visits to complete remove marks.