Named after the Greek word which literally stood for being itchy Psoriasis is a debilitating and difficult to live with condition and typically is a chronic condition for those who suffer from it. The main sign that someone is suffering from this illness are skin lesions that tend to be scaly and red in their style, and typically itch as well. They can vary in size from small, unnoticeable patches to complete body coverage.

It’s estimated that around 4% of the world suffer from Psoriasis in some capacity, and it comes in five main forms that are the most common to see. They are known as plaque, guttate, ginverse, pustilar and erythrodermic. They each have their own styles, looks and locations to actually appear on your body. Psoriasis can be physically debilitating in that it’s very itchy, and mentally debilitating in that it tends to stay around until you get some professional treatment for the condition.

The skin cells will begin to pile up, rather than shed the skin, which is why most people suffer from Psoriasis in the first place. It’s a tough to live with condition, but it can be combatted and dealt with if you require professional assistance to reduce or completely remove the condition.

psoriasis before and after


Proven and effective Psoriasis treatment that will help your skin look fresh and clean.

What causes Psoriasis?

The root causes of psoriasis are not completely known at the moment, because it can be more than just a skin condition. Psoriasis of other parts of the body is also possible as well, and has been a key player in people who have an increased chance of suffering from various other illnesses Crohn’s Disease. It’s most common link, though, is found in genetics although new studies and research points to the degrading environment many of us live in to be one of the root causes for the illness.

All that is known is that Psoriasis starts to develop when the immune system starts to mistake skin cells for pathogens, and literally starts sending the wrong signals and instructions to other parts of your body. Stress and other lifestyle issues such as where you live and the environment around you can play a key role in deciding just how serious your Psoriasis can become.


How can we help you?

Whilst psoriasis cannot be cured or defeated indefinitely, it can be controlled and minimized. At Dr. Shalhub M.D, we offer a long-term skincare solution that can help your symptoms be minimized in number and in strength, giving you a more comfortable quality of life in the future.

If you would like to fight back against Psoriasis, you no longer need to let it dominate your life. We can help you reduce the size or severity of inflammation, and give you various topical treatments that help reduce the overall physical effects.