Nail Fungus & Disease

Nail disease and decay can be a huge problem because not only is it very noticeable, but it can be incredibly difficult to fix. Fungal infections and nail diseases are commonplace in America, and can come from a wide variety of reasons and sources.

The actual style of the nail disease that you suffer from can be different to another individual, too, from large cracks to warts underneath the nail. Whatever the cause or reason for your nail disease, at Dr. don Shalhub M.D we act as specialists in removing these problems and giving you back clean and healthy hands for years to come.

Nails can easily discolor, suffer from growths or ulcers underneath, or become almost transparent in their look. Additionally, they can become increasingly damaged with many pits and ridges throughout. This can cause the nail to weaken, split and eventually become very painful down the line. Whatever the cause of your nail disease, you will notice a significant and usually unattractive change in the composition and quality of your nails.

nails disease before and after


We will help you cure, prevent and improve your nails through our methods.

What causes Nail fungus & Disease?

Because nail infections and diseases can be so varied, the actual cause can be quite difficult to come across. Typically, though, it will be caused by a yeast known as candida and can be found in other body infections like thrush. If your hands spend a lot of time in water then this can be a root cause of the problem, requiring long-term care of your nails moving forward.

The other main causes will typically be a weak immune system, psoriasis or diabetes and, lastly, poor general health and lifestyle. Smoking, living in humid conditions and nail cosmetics can also play a large part in the long-term degradation of your nails. However, sometimes just like any other illness or condition there’s no real rhyme or reason – it just occurs. What’s important is getting a diagnosis for your nail disease so that you can quickly manage and prepare a solution to remove any long-term damage that may be caused.


How can we help you?

At Dr. Don Shalhub M.D, we provide a specialist approach to dealing with your nail disease. We can help you find quality home solutions should it not require any clinical intervention, or we can assist you in dealing with the infection at the source. Simple self-care solutions are usually enough to keep the nail infection at bay, but we make sure to offer you high-end medical and surgical treatments to get your nails back into a high level of quality.

Anti-fungal medications and tablets are commonplace for those with fungal infections, as this will help to battle back against the growth of the actual infection. Whatever you are suffering from in your nails, we will have a logical and professional solution available to make sure that you never need to cover your hands again.