Melasma is a very common skin condition that produces brown to gray-brown patches on the face. It’s usually seen on the upper lip, the forehead, the bridge of the nose or the chin. However, it can appear just about anywhere on the face.

It’s commonly seen on the neck and forearms as well, due to excess sun exposure to these areas. Whilst most people can ward off the chances of Melasma by wearing wide-brimmed hats and covering up with sun-screen, it’s a condition that can be quite debilitating as it’s easily notice by anyone who happens to be passing by.

If you want to try alleviate the symptoms and signs of Melasma on your face, at Dr. Don Shalhub M.D we can offer simple and effective solutions that will remove the Melasma condition entirely and leave you with a healthy looking face once again. It’s also commonly passed down through your family history.

Around 14 million individuals in the United States alone experience the ill effects of Rosacea. It is most basic in ladies (particularly amid menopause) and reasonable cleaned individuals between the ages of 30 and 60. Up to half of individuals who experience the ill effects of Rosacea can create eye issues, for example, redness, dryness, tingling, smoldering, abundance tears, and the uncomfortable feeling of having sand
in their eyes.

Eyelids may get to be aggravated or swollen, and the eyes may get to be delicate to light, experience smudged vision and different issues.

skin discoloration on face


We will help you remove Melasma from your skin and make sure it never happens again!

What causes Melasma?

Melasma can be caused, usually, by three main reasons. The most common reason is due to sun exposure, as mentioned above, as the ultraviolet rays from the sun will stimulate the melanocytes in your body.

Whilst the root cause is not truly understood as of yet, the most complete reason is because when your skin is melanocytes become overly stimulated they produce too much color in parts of your skin – this leads to the excess skin patches appearing that are a visibly different color from parts of the body.

This is a common reason why those who suffer from Melasma will do so again in the future – it’s brought on by sun exposure, which we can’t really avoid forever!

The two most common alternative reasons are either a hormone change that produces the Melasma, such as pregnancy or birth control pills, as well as cosmetic products that can create reactions.


How can we help you?


Without treatment this condition is chronic and cam get worse with sun exposure. Proper sun screening and lightening of bleaching product are helpful when pigment is superficial in the skin. When the pigmentation is deeper in the skin additional treatments may be needed. We use a fractional none ablative laser which has minimal downtime is FDA approved and very safe.