Liquid Facelift

As time goes on, our faces begin to lose a substance known as collagen, as well as elastin. This contributes to the deteriorating and sagging facial features that so many of us begin to witness with horror in later life. When this occurs, the most successful way of dealing with the problem is to use some form of surgery. However, at Dr. Shalhub M.D, we provide a liquid facelift which is a non-surgical procedure that ensures your face will look better than ever.

By injecting advanced dermal fillers including Restylane and Radiesse, you can lift the overall quality of your face and help to contour facial features. This can help to reduce wrinkles and folds, restore natural curves to your face, provide you with a friendlier smile or even just to produce a more natural and energized look than before. It can be the long-term solution to anyone suffering from a lack of confidence due to their facial condition.


iquid facelift before and after


A non surgical approach in making your skin look young and healthy.

What Causes Liquid Facelifts To Be Necessary?

Typically, the main reason is as was described above – your face starts to suffer from the natural signs of aging. Usually, though, this can be accelerated through living a stressful or difficult life that can really take it out of your face.

This means that more lines will start to appear, leaving your face looking older and more worn as time goes on. If you want to avoid this kind of problem in the long-term then your best bet is most likely going to be using a liquid facelift.

It avoids surgical requirements and makes sure that you can feel comfortable in your own skin without having this grandiose urge to have some cosmetics carried out. Cosmetic surgery, and the various thrills that come with it, can become addictive for people so if you suffer from an addiction to surgery, a liquid facelift can give you the same results without giving into cravings.

How can we help you?

At Dr. Shalhub M.D, we provide a totally holistic process that allows you to enjoy simple and effective aid in giving your face more definition than it has with the help of a liquid facelift. It works extremely fast and can be carried out fairly quickly, because it’s far less invasive and challenging to carry out in comparison to a facelift.

These treatments can last for up to two years, depending on the region of the face that receives treatment as well as the severity of the condition when you first started.