Leg Veins

While varicose veins – or spider veins – may seem like something that is quite commonly heard of these days, it’s still something that many of us feel uncomfortable with. They are typically blue or dark purple in color and tend to only be found on your legs. Typically, they are bulging, twisted or lumpy in appearance and can even alter the skin color of your leg.

Leg veins affect many people across the world, and is a common complaint in the United States. More than 40 million people across the United States suffer from leg vein issues, and it’s a hugely genetic disorder that typically passes down the family tree. If both parents suffer from varicose veins, the chances of the child developing it can be as high as 90%.

This can cause muscle cramp in the legs with regularity, dry skin and aching, painful legs as well as swollen feet and ankles. These are easily spotted problems as most of them are an aesthetic irregularity, so diagnosing yourself with varicose veins should only take a quick glance at the overall condition of your legs!

If you are looking for long-term assistance with leg veins, at Dr. Shalhub M.D we can provide a variety of useful solutions.

leg veins before and after


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What causes Leg Veins?

As mentioned above, the most common factor is genetics. The main cause for the beginning of the veins in the first place beginning, though, is due to a weakening of the valves within your legs that actually allow your blood through. This prevents blood from flowing backwards properly, and this can stretch and strain the walls of the veins and make them weaker over time.

Without properly functioning leg veins, your legs will struggle to react and perform to the usual standard – this is why your legs can look so damaged when you are suffering from varicose veins. Another main cause for the problem actually starting, though, is things like pregnancy and even your occupation. If your feet go through a lot of work in any given day, varicose veins are a strict possibility in the future.

How can we help you?

At Dr. Don Shalhub M.D, we take every varicose treatment properly and look into the long-term consequences of any action we take.

We look into various forms of action that can relieve the symptoms naturally, or we can take a more seasoned approach and remove the varicose veins from your legs entirely using a cosmetic surgery system that helps to re-align the valves in your veins, reducing the pressure and eliminating the chances of a flare-up repeating in the near or distant future, giving you long-term stability and relief from pain.