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Hair loss, is a common concern witnessed by most men at some point in their lives. Every day we lose around 50-100 strands of hair approximately, but then the same is replaced by new ones, as this is natural hair growth cycle. Hair goes through three distinct phases of growth- anagen, catagen and telogen. These stages occur simultaneously and it is the characteristic of each phase that determines the length of the hair. The various hair related concerns in men such as hair loss, balding, dandruff and receding hair line could arise due to a host of reasons such as hereditary factors, stressed lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, rising levels of pollution and exposure to harmful chemicals. It can be seen between ages 15 to 25.

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For those people who are in search for the elite provider of cosmetic services and medical services, no need to look any further since Dr. Don Shalhub M.D is the perfect choice to consider and visit. He has extensive knowledge, understanding and expertise in the field of providing cosmetic and dermatological procedures that include modern treatment for acne scars, non-surgical tightening of your skin and laser treatments.


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We also make use of laser treatments to improve and minimize cosmetic outcome and at the same time avoid the occurrence of  marks and scars. Dr. Don Shalhub M.D has been a professional dermatologist for decades, serving the greater of Hialeah and Coral Gables area with vast expertise, knowledge and understanding in the field of cosmetic and medical dermatology.

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    If you suffer from hair loss, So why not to book a consultation with one of our specialists and get your condition assessed. All you need to do is to book an appointment or contact us by Phone the and consult with our hair loss expert and find out the best hair loss treatment in Miami for you.

    What causes Hair Loss

    Hair loss can have a cause many problems to a person such as effect on self-confidence and according to the latest statistics hair loss affects more than 49% of the population in 2019 but the good news that we have the solution. there are many reasons for Hair loss such as (Inherited genes, Hormonal disorder, Stress and anxiety, Autoimmune disorder, Scalp infections or Many other reasons). Multiple factors are involved in causing an Androgenic Alopecia. However, the main reason for this type of hair loss is genetics.


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