Genital Warts

For many people around the world, genital warts are extremely common. They are the most common type of sexually transmitted infection in the United States, after chlamydia. It’s not just in the United States, either – in England, the stats ring the same. Genital are small, fleshy growths or bumps that appear on or around the genital and/or anal area.

While they aren’t particularly dangerous – they pose no serious health threat and are typically painless – they aren’t particularly attractive to look at and can become a significant problem mentally down the line. It can affect your self-confidence and cause distress if nothing is ever done to assist with this condition.

These can take years to develop after infection, and can spread to others before you even show signs of the symptoms yourself. Condoms and other protection won’t be enough to stop these warts from forming, as it requires skin-to-skin contact of the overall area, which is likely during sexual intercourse.

genital warts before and after


We will help you control and remove your genital warts through our advanced treatments.

What causes Genital Warts?

Because the overall family of viruses that genital warts falls under – human papilloma virus or HPV – an umbrella of more than 100 different infections, the cause and effect can vary from person to person. The most common reasons for the warts appearing in the first place is typically through skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity in a variety of manners, whether it’s just genital contact or full penetrative intercourse.

It cannot be passed by kissing, hugging or sharing towels etc. –but it can be passed even from the hands, should someone have warts on their hands. The reasons are typically through contact with somebody who already has warts, but it can spread before any other signs or symptoms are currently noticeable.

The only symptom that appears to show up are small, fleshy bumps or growths that appear on or around your genital areas. In some cases, they are so small you won’t even notice them, in other times they can be fairly sizeable and in small clusters.


How can we help you?

At Dr. Don Shalhub M.D, we concentrate on offering a complete dermatological solution to dealing with your genital warts. We have extensive experience in alleviating this issue either by using freezing or heating techniques known as physical ablation, or by using a topical treatment to remove the warts once and for all.

Whatever we deem to be the most final and long-term solution for your genital area will be the choice used. If you want to book an appointment for removing genital warts for good, you can contact us HERE for more information.