Dermal Fillers

A skin-accommodating gel is infused into profound wrinkles to lift and smooth out the skin. The injections will improve the muscles that cause lines, wrinkles, crows feet etc. Facial fillers work by filling the wrinkles or folds to add volume to the skin. The treatment time can take around 30 minutes, however a bigger region might take longer. The treatment may cause gentle wounding or swelling that can last up to 24 hours, then again you can wear make up straight away. Medicines can be rehashed each eight to nine months, as needed.  Your corrective treatment  will  enable your skin to attain and keep up your wanted appearance.

dermal fillers before and after


Facial fillers is an effective solution in creating an entirely new, young and healthy appearance.

Why do you need dermal fillers?

If you need to move back the clock a couple of years and use the successful treatment of dermal fillers corrective technique to give your face an entire new style, then we are here to offer assistance. It serves to give back a more young and rich appearance to the individuals who feel like they look a couple of years more established than they ought to.

This strategy can be utilized to make more full lips or round out lines around the mouth, nose and cheeks to make a subtle, smoother appearance.

How can we help you?

We can provide for you a fast and straightforward arrangement to have your Dermal filler treatment completed. The whole process can be orchestrated, arranged and finished quicker than you could envision, and we guarantee that you’ll have a full and healthy looking skin at the end of the day.

As the best treatment available Dr. Shalhub M.D will make you look much more like you need and help evacuate those crawling considerations of vulnerability toward oneself!